Installing Zebra Designer Software

The Basic Software will be on the CD that comes with your Zebra Printer. You can also download it from You may be asked to register an account before being able to download.

Here are the Download links form the Zebra Website.

Zebra Designer Basic

Zebra Designer Pro

Accept and Begin Download Now.

Click on the downloaded .exe File, and follow the steps as below.

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Once all is installed, then open up the software. You can create you first label here. Your be asked to select the correct printer. You can also find the printers properties here too. Moving through the Windows be selecting Next, you will be able to adjust your page size & layout, And confirm your label dimensions. Your label will be ready to be designed, using the various tools around the software, for text, fonts, images, barcodes etc. Once the label is designed your ready to choose how many labels you want to print.

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What to try Next?

Installing your Zebra Printer Driver

Setting up your Zebra Printer Driver



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