Setting up Your Zebra Printer Driver

Setting up your Driver

Selecting Printers & Devices in the Control Panel. Right click on the Printer Icon and select Printing Preferences.

Under the Options tab, you will be able to set the Printers Speed, The Darkness of the print, The Label Size (Width/Height), Label Format (Portrait or landscape) and units (mm’s, cm’s etc).

Under the Advanced Tab, you can set the Printers media settings, for Thermal Direct or Thermal Transfer. Also setting if the label has Gaps, is Continuous or Mark Sensing. If your printer has a cutter, you can also set how many labels it prints before cutting too. There is a calibrate button here too, this can be useful as the printer can automatically find the correct label settings.

If you choose the Printers Properties, here you will be able to send a test page to the printer, to make sure they are talking to each other.

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Installing your Zebra Printer Driver

Installing your Zebra Designer Software


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