Customised Labels

We have a variety of Customised labels, here are some of the types of labels we supply.

Barcode Labels – Various Different Types of Bar-Code Labels are available, the most common are Silver Polyester Asset Labels, the best way to locate your items by simply scanning them.

Thermal Direct Clear Labels – Printed onto a Quality Clear Label material using a Direct thermal Printer.

Void Labels – If the Label is removed it leaves a chequered pattern or the word VOID or Chequered Pattern once peeled off.

Ultra Destructible Labels – Difficult to remove, easy to see if it’s been tampered with. The label will just fall to pieces if there is an attempt to peel off.

Pre-Printed Labels – You may require your labels to have your logo or company details on them before you run them through your Thermal Printer.

Please view some example images below.

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We look forward to hearing from you very soon! #dontforgetthelabels

And Remember #dontforgetthelabels

From the Team @Lancerlabels

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