What are the requirements of a garment care label?

This is a question that we get asked quite often and we have to reply “We cannot advise you on the content of the labels but we can guide you to the right sources to allow you to make the correct decision on the wash care label content”

Beware this subject is an absolute minefield, with many conflicting pieces of advice on the web. This document reflects the official guidelines as laid down on governmental documents which may change at any time, so we cannot be held responsible for any decisions you may make based on the reference documents. Please check the references to ascertain if there are any updates.

European sources of information.

The Textile Products (Labelling and Fibre Composition) Regulations 2012

Guidance Notes :



UntitledMost countries have their own variations for clothing labelling, as a rule of thumb, if you conform to the US regulations, these are generally accepted throughout the world. We will be publishing a guide to US regulations in the near future

However if you are shipping mainly into European countries, then the above references will be sufficient. Another source of information is the well known CAB Citizens Advice Bureau. https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/.

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