Stickly Satin

Care Labels can be Sticky too!

Most care labels will be sewn in to the product, which is the most permanent option for attaching a care label. But, sewing in labels can be quite time consuming (even when using a Sewing machine).

So how else can you attach a care label…..?

Yes that’s right….Stick them on!

Attaching the Self Adhesive Satin label is fairly straight forward, Peel it off and Stick them straight on to the product. It has a very strong adhesive suitable for attaching to fabric materials so it’ll stay nicely attached during the products journey from being labelled up to the point of sale. Although a strong adhesive, you can still peel the labels off, which is fairly common for Products like Hats or Scarfs, mainly items that don’t often go through the wash cycle, as sticky labels can become loose (or even fall off) in this process.

Talking of peeling the labels off; this can often be a little fiddly. The continuous satin material and the backing paper are square to each other, so often a good length finger nail can be an advantage to getting these labels peeled off. If this solution is perhaps not quite to your liking then their are a couple of other options available. The Backing paper can be slit right down the middle, making this a very easy way to peel the labels off. Or alternatively the labels can be individual on a Roll (die cut). The Labels can be die cut to a chosen size too. This option is the preferred (and easiest) way to peel satin labels off the backing paper.

The one final option that you could consider is Iron on labels. The labels are placed into position and using a warm iron, activate the hot melt adhesive attaching the labels permanently onto the fabric product. Similar to the Self Adhesive Satin, these labels can be offered die-cut to a chosen size. They are often used to identify who or what the product is for. Perhaps the only drawback being time consuming to attach.

So next time your considering attaching your care labels, why not fill out the form below and we can send you some Self Adhesive Satin Samples to test.



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