Are we heading to a Cashless World?

With a growing number of products in the Mobile Point of Sale Market, it is becoming increasingly easy to take a card payment on the go, which means you no longer require the correct amount of change on you anymore. On the other hand though with the recent release of the New £5 note, this sent people running to the nearest bank to grab their first freshly printed Money, showing we still love to actually hold the cash in our hands, and if you accidently leave your new fiver in your trouser pockets, it comes out just fine in the wash too!

paylevencontactlessBut I’m here to blog about MPOS (Mobile point of sale).The use of MPOS has significantly increased in recent years in Retail outlets, along with the popularity of hand held and portable devices such as Apple iPads / iPods and Android tablets or smartphone. By connecting a Card reader via Bluetooth and download a suitable payment app, that’s all you will need to get started.


Once such example is PayPal Here. To explain how simple this is, Click here to watch the video.


So it would seem that with the technology we holding in our hands, we may not need to carry around a wallet full of cash anymore. This would certainly benefit a company who operate on the road, like a sandwich van or a break-down recovery van. Maybe you operate in a remote location, and getting to the bank is not so easy. So if you think it’s time to throw out the old fashioned checkout tills and upgrade, Visit our Online Shop to see our Range of MPOS Products.

So is MPOS going to wipe cash off the face of the earth? Perhaps Not! We must still remember that there are plenty of people who still use Cheques, and some who will only deal in Cash. MPOS is just an alternate way of using technology to take payments.

So were not heading into a cashless world just yet……But maybe one day…who knows!

From all of the Team @LancerLabels Thank you for reading.



Step by Step…Desktop Thermal Transfer Printers Setup

So you’ve just unpacked your brand new thermal transfer printer. But have No Idea how to set it up. Dont worry, I’ve taken loads of pictures to show you how to do it. Obviously each thermal printer model is slightly different, but they are all very similar to SETUP.

This is Zebra’s GC420T Printer


Direct Thermal (DT) or Thermal Transfer (TT)

Both are Label Materials, Both are sticky Labels, Both come on a roll, So what is the difference?

Let’s start with Direct Thermal Labels, this is a basic economy material which reacts to heat. Therefore when the printer heats up its elements on the print head and the label passes over this, the label reacts to the heat and it creates the designed image. A simple way to test if your label is direct thermal is by scoring your finger nail across the surface, this should show up a nice black mark. It’s main advantage is being easy to pop straight into a thermal printer and print directly onto it with a nice crisp quality print, But it also has a few disadvantages. It tends to fade over time and in direct sunlight, it’s easy to accidently mark, its economy paper so it tears easily too. Yes you can get a top coating to protect the labels, but it they still react to heat or light, so the shelf life of a Direct Thermal Label is limited. They are often used for shipping labels, as they are easy to print and only need to last the length of a delivery.

So what about the Thermal Transfer Label. Well it has to pass through the thermal printers as well, however they require a printer ribbon to thermally transfer onto the label. There are a variety of materials available (Paper, Polyester, Vinyl to name a few) which are far more durable. The Synthetic materials do not tear or mark up or even Fade. You can have a Clear Vinyl label or a Silver Polyester label or even a Ultra-Destructible Label too. The List of materials is endless, you just need a thermal transfer printer and the correct printer ribbon and you’re ready for printing. Yes it can be fiddley trying to install your printer ribbons, but you can get an improved print quality based on your label / ribbon combination. This combination is really important, as the ribbons come in 3 main qualities, Wax, Wax-Resin and Resin. Paper labels tend to work best with wax ribbons, however you can smudge the print. When you start to have a material with a matt or gloss finish, then you may need to look towards a Wax-Resin, a semi-permanent print. Finally if your label is a Synthetic material like a Polyester material, Resin is the best option, which also gives the most permanent print. So knowing your Label material helps find the correct ribbon and will then offer the best print quality available. The pricing of the thermal transfer paper labels & wax ribbon combination has a very similar cost to the direct thermal labels too.

Both labels can come with different Adhesives, either Permanent or Removable, they all come on the same type of backing paper, so you can have perforations between each label and all come in a huge variety of sizes.

So the next time your considering what type of label you need, perhaps you should just give Lancer Labels a quick call on 01256 636 436 or email us

We are of course the Experts and our Quality Sticks on you!

What am I supposed to print onto this label?

I get asked to print all sorts of things onto labels, that’s what we do here at Lancer Labels. But from time to time I get asked about what information needs to be printed onto the labels. Although we are always happy to give out the Advice, we are only a Labelling / Printing Company. Therefore we cannot legally advise what must go on to your labels, this is a conversation best had with your Local Trading Standards. I have put a couple of Examples for you below.


Barcode labels, there are several types of Barcode, with the most common being an EAN13 used for Retail or Code128 which can be alphanumeric , often used for asset tracking. More recently we have seen QR Codes that can be packed full of information and scanned with a Smartphone often used for Advertising. I have seen these on the back of Vans too, of course is rather useful when stuck in a traffic queue behind them (just make sure you’re not driving). Knowing what your product is and what your barcode is being used for normally helps to choose the code you require. Of course, you can always ask Lancer Labels!




Care Labels, For those of you who often do the daily wash, will know about separating your darks from your whites and cottons from your woollens, with it becoming increasing more common to wash at 30 degrees Celsius too. These are the wash cycle basics and you will often find care symbols on your garments labels to compliment this too. If however, you’re not entirely sure how to care for your product, you’re going to have a good look at the care label for further instructions. Can I Wash it? Can I Iron it? Can it to be Dry Cleaned? You get the picture. But it is the Warning Information that is the most important part of a care label with “Keep Away From Fire” being the most confusing requirement of all. The general rule for this is for children’s clothing and bedding (mattresses, pillows, duvets etc.). I have put a link below to the Nightwear (Safety) Regulations 1985. Have a read of this if you need some further help on the warning regulations.

Don’t forget to visit and use our Wash Care Label “Design your own Care Labels”.

Have you remembered the Labels?

x1431006343857-jpg-pagespeed-ic-tvl2iq-1qiYou’ve got your Product, It’s All Ready to go….Wait a Moment, Is it Labelled Correctly? Many times we are contacted at the last minute because either you have run out of labels or the current label is printed incorrectly. Has this ever happened to you? If it has, Lancer Labels are ready to help you. We stock several types of standard labelling products which are available for Next day delivery.

Reasons to Choose Lancer

  1. Because we give an above industry standard lead time
  2. We have in-depth knowledge of the products
  3. We have a friendly single contact for Sales / Technical Support
  4. We willingly advise the customer on the best product for them as opposed to what is best for us to sell.

Here is a reminder of what we supply

  • Labels
    • Customised DT or TT Self-Adhesive Labels
    • Zebra Labels with Next Day shipping
    • Wash Care Labels
    • Embroidered Labels
    • Full Colour Printed Labels
    • Pharmacy Labels
    • Barcode Labels
    • Plastic ID Cards
    • Plastic Price Tags for the Food Industry
    • Supplied on Rolls, with Perforations, Fan Folded or A4 Sheets
  • Printers
    • Thermal Transfer or Thermal Direct Printers
    • Point of Sale
    • Mobile Point of Sale
    • Wash Care Printing Systems
    • Card Printers
    • Medical Printers
    • Stand Alone Printing Systems
  • Printer Ribbons
    • The 3 Main Qualities (Wax, Wax Resin, Resin)
    • Ribbons suitable for Washing and Dry Cleaning
    • Selecting the correct Ribbon/Label/Printer Combination for you
  • Printer Cleaning Products
    • Helping you look after those Print-heads with Cleaning Kits
  • Labelling Software
    • Design your own Labels (Bartender / Zebra Designer)
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Label Re-Winder’s
  • Dealing with Manufacturers such as Zebra, Toshiba, Brady, Brother, Star, Armor, Honeywell, Seagull Scientific, TSC.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.